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The College founders, Mr. Joe Sipu and Mr. Alon Kafry, met many years ago in Lae, when Mr. Sipu was a student of Engineering at the Papua New Guinea University of Technology while Mr. Kafry was a traveler after serving years as a soldier in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). After thousands of miles and many years apart, this great friendship and deep care for the people of Bougainville led to the birth of the idea that the people of Bougainville need a college which will enable them to be part of the global world, to connect, trade, learn, and share their rich culture with the world, thereby putting Bougainville on the world's map as an interesting and special country that will attract tourists and investors.

After many years of studying and working in different parts of Papua New Guinea, Mr. Joe Sipu finally returned home to Bougainville and since then served in various community leadership roles as well as in the private sector. Mr. Sipu was a pilot for many years in the Missionary Aviation Fellowship airline and currently works as an executive officer in the authority of Bougainville. Mr. Kafry served in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) special forces, studied Biology and Psychology for academic degrees, and for 20 years worked as a databases expert. He currently works as a Data DevOps expert at the company fiverr.com and has a background in education as a high school science teacher.

Mr Sipu
Mr.Joe Sipu
Mr Kafry
Mr.Alon Kafry

Staff Members

staff 1

Mr Anderson Mosiu

Computer Instructor

staff 2

Mrs Jacklyne Banas


staff 3

Mr Joseph Banas

IT Technician

staff 4

Mrs Jullian Moani

Finance Officer

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